Thursday, October 7, 2010

Utube Favorites

This is truly one of the greatest of all time I love it because we can Apply the message that it delivers to our lives to make the world a better place, if only we could all learn to have more love in our hearts express your voice

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This funny video  I found one day surfing on Utube, I love Utube because it is than TV, MTV,Radio
I reason I think so is because you can type in your question and get a similar answer I have always got what I asked for so now I put them in a blog to share them with you. Rest of sentence below the video

1. to give individuals the information and resources to explore and develop themselves in accordance with their own values and beliefs, respecting the uniqueness and importance of each person's journey.
2. to provide a vehicle for authors, professionals and business people to connect with individuals who have an interest in their ideas, products and services.
3. to create an open and egalitarian site where conversations related to humankind's quest for meaning and growth can flourish.
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I have another funny short Utube video get more Utube video at click here

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