Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Staind - It's Been Awhile

 I want to thank YOUTUBE and http://en.wikipedia.org/ making this happen for me I love connecting the two together this way you can find out about the song and the person as you listen to the music. Also if you do not see a band that you would like to read about stroll down to the bottom and where it says just ask john post your request thank you



              Staind - It's Been Awhile

  American rock band Staind, self-released in 1996. The album was originally only available in limited quantities in New England, United States, with the original release limited to 4,000 copies. Tormented would later be re-released several times, without modification, in response to overwhelming demand from fans amidst Staind's success in the early 2000s (decade). The album was never sold in stores, and was instead sold at concerts and on their website in several forms. The album contains an early version of "Mudshovel", named "Mudshuvel", the song which would propel Staind into mainstream rock success in 1999.

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