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Dont Bring Me Down - Electric Light Orchestra

I want to thank UTUBE and http://en.wikipedia.org/ making this happen for me I love connecting the two together this way you can find out about the song and the person as you listen to the music.


Electric Light Orchestra discography

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Electric Light Orchestra discography
Studio albums13
Live albums4
Compilation albums37
Below is the complete Electric Light Orchestra discography including imports, videos, and hit singles. ELO's back catalogue is unusual since their compilation albums far outweigh their studio output in number, owing to the large number of hit singles primarily written by Jeff Lynne. From 1972 to 1986, ELO accumulated more combined UK & US Top 40 hits than any other band in the world, and also generated the third most UK & US separate Top 40s.




 Studio albums

Below is a table containing basic information pertaining to ELO's studio album output.
Notes: The peak chart listings are accurate but incomplete because of the limited availability of past chart information regarding other countries. All of the RIAA & BPI certifications and/or re-certifications listed are out of date, the majority being decades old. The fact that some albums are listed as non-certified does not necessarily mean those albums have not reached certification sales levels. Record companies that own the manufacturing and distribution rights to a particular record have to pay the RIAA, BPI and related bodies to research, audit and certify that record, whether it be an album, single or compilation.
YearDetailsPeak chart positionsCertifications
(sales thresholds)
1971The Electric Light Orchestra (UK) / No Answer (US)
1973ELO 2 (UK) / Electric Light Orchestra II (US)
  • Released: February 1973 (1973-02)
  • Label: Harvest, United Artists, Jet, Columbia
On the Third Day
  • Released: November 1973 (1973-11)
  • Label: Warner Bros., United Artists, Jet, Columbia
1974Eldorado, A Symphony
  • Released: September 1974 (1974-09)
  • Label: Warner Bros., United Artists, Jet, Columbia
1975Face the Music
  • Released: September 1975 (1975-09)
  • Label: United Artists, Jet, Columbia
1976A New World Record
  • Released: September 11, 1976 (1976-09-11)
  • Label: United Artists, Jet, Columbia
  • 2x Platinum (US)[4]
  • Platinum (UK)[5]
1977Out of the Blue
  • Released: October 1977 (1977-10)
  • Label: United Artists, Jet, Columbia
  • 4x Platinum (US)[4]
  • Platinum (UK)[6]
  • Released: May 1979 (1979-05)
  • Label: Jet, Columbia
  • 2x Platinum (US)[4]
  • Platinum (UK)[7]
  • Released: August 1980 (1980-08)
  • Label: Jet, MCA Records
  • 2x Platinum (US)[4]
  • Gold (UK)[8]
  • Released: July 1981 (1981-07)
  • Label: Jet, Columbia
  • Gold (US)[4]
  • Platinum (UK)[9]
1983Secret Messages
  • Released: June 1983 (1983-06)
  • Label: Jet, Columbia
1986Balance of Power
  • Released: June 12, 2001 (2001-06-12)
  • Label: Epic


 Live albums

1974The Night The Light Went On (In Long Beach)
  • Released: May 1974 (1974-05)
  • Label: Warner Bros. Records
1998Live at Wembley '78
  • Released: March 28, 1998 (1998-03-28)
  • Label: Eagle
Live at Winterland '76
1999Live at the BBC
  • Released: June 28, 1999 (1999-06-28)
  • Label: Eagle

 Compilation albums

Chart and Certificated compilations
YearDetailsPeak chart positionsCertifications
(sales thresholds)
1976Olé ELO32
1977The Light Shines On
1978Three Light Years38
1979ELO's Greatest Hits730
  • 4x Platinum (US)[4]
  • Platinum (UK)[12]
1989The Very Best of The Electric Light Orchestra28
1994The Very Best of the Electric Light Orchestra4
1997Light Years, The Very Best Of Electric Light Orchestra60
2001The Ultimate Collection18
2005All Over the World: The Very Best of Electric Light Orchestra6
Complete list


  • Note: Entry boxes containing " - " may pertain to any of the following:
    • A single not being released in the territory
    • Various charts listed had ceased to exist before particular singles were released
    • Accurate but incomplete information
    • Failure to chart
YearTitleAlbumChart positions
U.S. Bill-

U.S. Cash-
U.S. Record
1972"10538 Overture"The Electric Light Orchestra / No Answer95
1973"Roll Over Beethoven"ELO 26532622424831
"Showdown"On the Third Day (US versions only)12285351
1974"Ma-Ma-Ma Belle"On the Third Day22
"Can't Get It Out of My Head"Eldorado, A Symphony5919591423
1975"Boy Blue"
"Evil Woman"Face the Music10236202101099
"Strange Magic"38852010141520
"Showdown" (reissue)Olé ELO5975
"Livin' Thing"A New World Record423469561310101
"Do Ya"42241625
"Telephone Line" [A]81091032747
"Turn to Stone"Out of the Blue18171119351311917
1978"Mr. Blue Sky"6871127352733
"Wild West Hero"69
"Sweet Talkin' Woman"6382766171823
"It's Over"75
The ELO EPThree Light Years3415
1979"Shine A Little Love"Discovery61423110230487816
"The Diary of Horace Wimp"8485210
"Don't Bring Me Down" [A]36225564439
"Confusion" [B]81351069374710
"Last Train to London" [B]33936
1980"I'm Alive" [A]Xanadu20277916101614149
"Xanadu" (Feat. Olivia Newton-John)1
"All Over the World"11783114281213148
"Don't Walk Away"21527
1981"Hold on Tight"Time4523533108102
1982"Rain Is Falling"101 [C]
"Here Is the News"/"Ticket to the Moon"2446117
"The Way Life's Meant To Be"
1983"Rock 'n' Roll Is King"Secret Messages1313164417419227
"Secret Messages"4814
"Four Little Diamonds"8486
"Stranger"105 [C]
1986"Calling America"Balance of Power2847221031161826
"So Serious"77
"Getting to the Point"97
1990"Destination Unknown" [D]Afterglow
"Moment in Paradise"
2006"Surrender" [E]A New World Record
(30th Anniversary Edition)
2007"Latitude 88 North" [F]Out of the Blue
(30th Anniversary Edition)
Number-one songs101210110001
Top-ten hits1566116165137796

  • A ^ Single rewarded gold record in the US from the RIAA
  • B ^ "Confusion" and "Last Train to London" were released as a double A-side in UK and Ireland.
  • C ^ Actually charted in the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart.
  • D ^ Promo DJ single.
  • E ^ Single only available as a digital download.
  • F ^ Single available as a digital download and in a limited 7" format.

 Peak positions on minor Billboard US charts

YearTitleAlbumUS Main' RockUS Adult Cont'
1981"Hold on Tight"Time2-
1983"Rock 'n' Roll Is King"Secret Messages1936
1986"Calling America"Balance of Power2220


1979DiscoveryUK Betamax/VHS
1980Live at WembleyBetamax/VHS
1989The "Out of the Blue" Tour - Live At WembleyUK VHS
1990Fusion - Live In LondonUK VHS
1991The Very Best Of ELOUK VHS
1998Out of the Blue Tour: Live at Wembley/DiscoveryDVD/VHS
2001Zoom Tour LiveDVD/VHS
2005Inside the Electric Light Orchestra 1970-1973DVD
2006Out of the Blue: Live at Wembley (remastered)DVD
2006ELO - Total Rock ReviewDVD
2010In PerformanceDVD
2010Live – The Early YearsDVD


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